From time to time I create something (I try to do this very little so the kids are involved, but sometimes, it happens) to use in the classroom and think others might like to use it.  Here are those files.  Free.  Always.  Enjoy.

*Please feel free to share, but don't copy my work and sell it.  Thank you!

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Scaffolded Name Tags - Powerpoint File

These name tags are my way of scaffolding name writing at the beginning of the year.  There's a place for me to type the students name at the bottom of the tag and a large box for students to write their name above.  I'll have students write with a pencil and trace with a black marker and then color the whitespace.


Comic Book If/Then Unit 

Here's a short comic book unit I have done with both kindergarten and first grade.  It is super engaging and a perfect way to end the year, although I think it would be awesome any time of the year.  I've blogged about the experience here.


Engagement Inventory

Jennifer Serravallo’s Engagement Inventory - free from the Heinemann Website


Jolly Jump Up Game - A simple game with letters, numbers, shapes, and a few sight words. Download and customize to meet your learners’ needs.

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Mindset Student Reflection Sheets - use these to have students respond to each Mindset stance. There are different versions - use what works best for you.

Mindset for Learning Video Padlet