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This week, I had the (ultimate pleasure) of helping out in one of my school's preschool programs.  Ah, preschool, the one grade that has alluded me - these kids are quite possibly the cutest human beings on the planet.  Besides being super tiny - a few of them sound like they are carrying around a hidden helium balloon, taking secret sucks of the voice altering gas when no one is looking... either that or they have some rare vocal disorder that makes them all sound like Mickey Mouse.  In any event, I was i In any event, I was on the carpet, sitting with the class, while the teacher did a lesson on farm animal babies.  She had a poster with the 'mommy' animals on the outside edge, with a fenced-in circle in the middle containing all the babies.  Of course, all the animals are labeled too.  She would point to a 'mommy' and ask what animal it was (horse, pig, duck, etc.) and then reveal the covered up matching baby and see if any of the children knew what it was called (foal, piglet, duckling, etc.).  If nobody knew the correct animal name, they used the first letter and sound and then either guessed or she gave it to them.

Well, when she got to the 'mommy' goat and revealed the baby was called (alas, not a 'goat-let') a kid, you would think Steve Martin, Richard Pryor, and Ellen Degeneres all got together and told the funniest joke the world has ever heard.  Kids were doubled over with laughter, a few of them laying down because their tiny bodies apparently couldn't sustain being upright with so much laughing.

All because a baby goat is called a kid.  Oh, and after all the baby animals were revealed, she had them go back and name each one again - so the hilarity ensued again.  Those crazy kids.


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