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It's August... Smile!

Oh August, you're like a bad horror movie with your scary music and strings, sneaking up on us with your sledgehammer/chainsaw/machette/(insert obscene weapon of choice here).  It would seem I blinked and July was here and gone.  Another blink and August is in full swing - even my post about August took over a week of the month to happen.  I've heard it said that August is the Sunday night of the year for teachers and it's pretty much true. Now, all that being said, I've recently found, through yoga, a new way to tackle tricky or otherwise challenging moments and events in life.  In yoga, sometimes when you're doing a particularly difficult pose, the instructor will ask you to... smile.  Yup, as I'm standing with my legs spread as far apart as possible and trying to get my head to touch the floor, feeling like it I have a better chance of taking flight, what do I do?  Smile.

And it helps.

I've also found when I'm talking with someone and the conversation is becoming snarky - maybe this person isn't being so kind and loving, or I'm feeling quite impatient and want to just say, "Hang on a minute..." and then turn, run away, most likely to my car, and drive off, instead, what do I do?  Smile.

It's like the physical act of smiling actually tricks your mind into thinking, 'Hey, this isn't so bad!'  As silly as it sounds, I've found it works.

So, with August upon us and summer days dwindling down (there are many folks already back), remember, soon you'll be greeted by smiling faces, hugs, stories of summer adventures, hands reaching up to hold yours, and looks of pure admiration only bestowed onto teachers of young children.  Think of all those things and then... smile!