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I've written about hugs many times before.  Too many to count really, but in my new position, working with K-5 teachers, I've recently discovered the amazing stuff that is 'the 4th-grade hug'. After being out for a few weeks for a medical issue and the Thanksgiving holiday, I returned to my K-5 school and many kids were delighted to see me and welcome me back.  As I was chatting with a few adults in the hallway during arrival, a 4th-grade boy, who I've known since last year when I started and is one of the nicest, kindest kids at the school, gave me giant hug.

Fourth graders are taller, so there's that.  When he pulled away from our hug, he had the biggest smile on his face and said, "I really missed you."

So there's that.  The ability to articulate at least part of the feeling behind the hug.

Seriously, though, who am I kidding?  Hugs are pretty amazing no matter who gives them, but I am deepening the soft spot in my heart for fourth graders.

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