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No more classroom job chart

I am not the super organized type.  I'm also easily distracted.  This one-two punch to my personality has been something I've had to learn to wrangle.  Through the years, I've come up with ways to keep my classroom (and life in general) simple.  KEEP IT SIMPLE is one of my life mottos.  

Classroom jobs were always the bane of my teacher existence.  The charts, sticks, clips, or whatever way to manage them.  The remembering.  Oh the remembering killed me.  Every Friday after school or early Monday morning, doing the rotating.  I've seen teachers who rotate jobs daily and to them I say, 'I have no idea how you do it.'  This also took valuable time away reminding children of new jobs, routines, expectations, etc.  For me, it added chaos where I wasn't looking for any.  

A typical Morning Message.  

Then, about six or seven years ago I had an epiphany.  NO MORE CLASSROOM JOBS.  That is, no more defined classroom jobs.  As part of my morning message each day, one child is first (the line leader) and another is last (the line caboose).  One day, when I'd had enough of the job chart (and let's be real my job chart wasn't cute) - I announced to my class,  "No more jobs!  Each day, whoever is first and last will be my helpers that day and do any jobs needed!"

And like the clouds parting and revealing both the sun and a rainbow after a storm, the job chart went in the recycle bin.  

Now let me be clear, for many teachers, the classroom job chart is not a big deal.  They enjoy it and so do their students.  It just wasn't for me.  I don't think my students have missed it either.  Everyone is still a helper and gets to feel special.  This has really worked for me and created one less 'thing' for me to micro-manage in the classroom.

How do you handle classroom jobs?  Any tips or words of wisdom to share?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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